Here we share your stories, in addition to articles and statements written by experts and policy makers. You will hear from our partners and community, who will be sharing experiences and best practices regarding refugee causes.

Webinar for the impacts of the health crisis on refugees

Refugees = Partners is holding a two-day Webinar on the socio-economic impact of the recent developments in Lebanon, the economic crisis, the October 2019 uprising, and the COVID-19 pandemic on […]

Position Statement on Policy Paper for the Return of Displaced Persons

On July 14, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers in Lebanon approved the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA)’s Policy Paper for the Return of Displaced Persons to Syria. The paper’s proposals […]

A New Prison Locks up Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Wherever the Syrians go, they face tragic circumstances, and with the new Coronavirus pandemic, the tragedies have taken another form. This situation indirectly destroys what is left of Syrian’s livelihood […]

Refugees=Partners Media Roundtable

“Refugees=Partners” organized media roundtable discussion titled “Bridging the Data Gap between Media and Research: Challenges and Responses”, on Thursday, 6 February, at Beirut. The roundtable aimed to discuss the availability […]

Refugees=Partners First Conference

“Refugees = Partners” project held its first conference titled “Economic Inclusion to Mitigate the Refugee Crisis”, Friday, 2 August 2019, at the Bristol Hotel, Beirut. “Economic Inclusion to Mitigate the […]

Position Statement on the decision to demolish refugee camps

On April 24, 2019, the Lebanese Army entered the Yasmin refugee camp near the town of Bar Elias in the Beqaa Valley, and demolished 110 tents that had been donated […]

Unemployment, a major problem faced by Syrian and Lebanese in Tyre

Every morning, hundreds of Syrian workers head to the fields on the outskirts of Tyre, southern Lebanon. Some have got used to this task over the years, since they’ve been […]

Inside Majdal Anjar, A small town remedies refugee issues

The small eastern border town of Majdal Anjar is not unfamiliar with Syria. Just a stone throw away from the al-Masnaa’ border crossing, its economy heavily relies on trade, with […]