Promoting an enabling environment for the well-being of refugees, migrants and Host communities in Lebanon

“Refugees = Partners” is organizing a series of three workshops that aim to address the legal and structural challenges that permit and/or hinder refugees’ access to legal status in Lebanon through the assessment of the impact of recent developments on vulnerable communities, mainly Syrian refugees, and some key innovative approaches to assist in creating an inclusive socio-economic framework.

The workshop offers an opportunity to engage in substantive discussions on serious issues facing Syrian refugees, thus, assist in guiding tangible recommendations and more effective strategies to push for policy change.

Workshop Topics:

  • Structural challenges: The impact of limited legal status on Syrian refugees’ access to livelihood and the labor market.
  • Options to transform de jure and de facto institutions towards more human protection and social justice.
  • Strategies and policies that could expand economic opportunities to benefit both Lebanese and refugees.

The first of these workshops was held on the 29th of June 2021 on “The Impact of Limited Legal Status on Syrian Refugees Access to Livelihood in Lebanon” at the Antwork, Beirut.

See more: Concept Note || First Workshop Agenda || Final Statement

The Second workshop was held on the 21th of September 2021 on “Challenges and Opportunities: Syrian Refugees’ Access to the Labor Market” by Zoom Meetings.

See more: Concept Note || Second Workshop Agenda || Final Statement || Link of Session

The third workshops was held on the 30th of November 2021 on “Promoting Syrian Refugees Access to Legal Status in Lebanon” at the Antwork, Beirut.

See more: Concept Note || Third Workshop Agenda || Final Statement